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A Best Practice Guide for implementing Liberal Arts and Sciences at European Higher Education Institutions, offered to you by EPICUR European University Alliance


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Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is a student-centered approach to university education and an alternative to disciplinary study. LAS encourages intellectual discovery and personal development in an international learning community.
The LAS approach to education is at the heart of the EPICUR alliance’s mission to share innovative teaching & learning practices throughout Europe. This Best Practice Guide will illustrate the value of an LAS approach in the European Higher Education Area.
In this Best Practice Guide, a wealth of information and resources will help you explore the LAS approach in depth. 
Click one of the tiles below to select your main area of interest.
The goal is for the BPG to be populated with information and expanded wherever and whenever needed. So, whatever your role and interest vis-à-vis the Liberal Arts and Sciences approach to higher education, your contributions are welcome! Please also write us at the email below with:
  • recommendations
  • requests for the guide (e.g., topics that should be featured) or
  • contributions,
  • comments and
  • corrections
Email: epicur@ucf.uni-freiburg.de.

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