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A Best Practice Guide for implementing Liberal Arts and Sciences at European Higher Education Institutions, offered to you by EPICUR European University Alliance


Establishing LAS Programmes at Your Institution

What to consider if you are planning (or are unsure) about setting up an LAS programme at your university?
This WIKI chapter is meant to serve as a practical resource for those who are planning to establish an LAS programme (or are unsure). 
Several steps of the curriculum design process are shown: going from the reasons for setting up a program, to learning aims and educational philosophy. Practical matters are also addresed, like the type of students the program hopes to attract, the current (or desired) learning environment offer, and how a university's rules and structures may influence curricular and content decisions.  
There is no single model by which to realize or implement a university LAS program. Moreover, each institution has its own goals and profile into which any new program must fit. As a result, there is a huge variety of LAS programs across Europe and worldwide.  In Europe, the label “LAS” is frequently used to indicate an innovative approach to undergraduate education. While LAS finds expression in a variety of program models, common characteristics make the label “Liberal Arts & Sciences” appropriate.
This WIKI chapter
  • gives practical guidance for those who are planning or are in the process to set up a new LAS programme at your university.
  • serves as a checklist for programs already in operation that want to see where they stand in the LAS landscape.
The WIKI pages here are primarily excerpts from the ECOLAS BLASTER project, a comprehensive guide to the LAS landscape in Europe. Furthermore, the insights gained from EPICUR partners like Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam University College, and University of Freiburg, who have just undergone the process of establishing LAS programs at their universities, offer experience-based questions and useful solutions that may help individuals looking to establish their own programs.  

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