Dear EPICUR students,
Thank you for your interest in EPICUR! Below you find answers to frequently asked questions. If your questions are not answered there, please send any questions by email as follows:
  • Questions on courses and application documents:
Technical questions
  • Regarding the EPICUR Inter-University Campus at
  • Regarding the EPICUR Virtual Registration System at 
The EPICUR platforms:
  • Course Catalogue. Public course catalogue of all learning pathways offered to the EPICUR students. Please go here also if you want to look up again the details of courses you have been accepted to.
  • Candidates App. The application for the prospective students to apply for participation in EPICUR courses and learning pathways.  
  • Students App. Once you are accepted to an EPICUR course, you will be able to access the Students App, Go there to see if you have received any messages from EPICUR admin staff or instructors, to request your Transcript of Records, or to file other requests.
  • The VCLP ( (Virtual Campus Learning Platform). Please go here to access your courses (Dashboard -> My courses) and for much more information on EPICUR, and to access the Student Hub or this site here.
Frequently Asked Questions (during or before your application):
There are several registration periods each year. We will keep you posted on our website. To make sure you will not miss any news, you can also subscribe to our newsletter here:
When the application period is open, you will find a guidance note for application in the course catalogue. Please read this carefully since this contains all relevant information. If you already want to prepare your application, here is the list of things you generally need:
  • Transcript of records
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Proof of language proficiency or Self-stated language proficiency (explain in a few sentences where/how you have acquired the necessary language skills (usually B2 in the language of instruction))
  • Letter of motivation
Most EPICUR universities have some funding available for their students. These funding opportunities will be distributed based on the letter of motivation. If you apply for the courses, you will be asked if you are willing to participate also in case you will not receive any funding. Ticking or not ticking this box will not influence any funding decision. It just gives you a chance to let us know if you are also able to participate in case we cannot provide funding for you.
Frequently Asked Questions (if you already have been accepted to a course):
To request an EPICUR transcript, you need to perform two steps:

1) Complete your personal information on the EIUC. Otherwise, your transcript will not be valid.
2) Request a Trascript of records on the EIUC.

Please click here for a manual on both of these steps.
If your transcript doesn't show the correct courses, you might need to switch between your study profiles. Please see below under "How can I switch between my EPICUR study profiles"?
Click on the VCLP the "Click here to access your courses" button.

You can also use the search function in the top right corner (magnifying glass) or access this category to locate your course.

Tipp: In the category or the search results click on the drop down menu next to your course on the right side and select "Add to favorites". Your course will then be easily accessible in your Dashboard.
If your course starts later this year, please be patient. The teachers of the course have to export the course to the VCLP and the course members must be synchronized with the VURS.

If your course has already started, please check if you have used the correct user account to login into the VCLP. Please use the same account you have used for registering at the VURS platform. If you have two or more accounts at your university, you might try out the other accounts.

If that does not help, please contact the support ( Please tell us your full name, university and course.
Please look on the local course page carefully for a "Enroll" or "Join" button or "I would like to enroll" link. Sometimes the link might be "hidden" in a submenu (for example behind a "cog wheel" icon). It can also help to change the language of the LMS to English, if you have difficulties to understand the content.

Most courses also require an enrollment key or password, which should be provided to you by the teachers of your course via email. If you have not received an enrollment key or password for your course, but require one to join or enroll to the course, please contact the teachers directly by using the contact link in the VURS.
On this page you will find some help for joining courses on the AMU Epicur E-Learning Platform.
If you are attending EPICUR courses in different EPICUR tracks, they appear under different study profiles. In the Students App you can access your study profile and change between them if you have more than one (see picture below).
If you want to de-enroll from a course please inform the instructor AND file a request via the Students App. Please specify in the "Withdrawal from study" request which course you want to drop.